Accelerated Development of Patimban Port


    The government committed to accelerating the development of Patimban Port in Subang, West Java. In associating with it, in October 2017 the auction for construction and consultancy would be held so that, the development would commence at the beginning of 2018. The first stage of phase 1 targeted to finish by 2019.

    “Formerly, the first stage of phase 1 port development estimated to complete by 2020. However, the development needs to be accelerated because of it is one of the strategic infrastructure development programs,” said the Caretaker for Directorate-General of Sea Transportation Ministry of Transportation Bay M Hasani, in Jakarta, Tuesday (9/5).

    The development acceleration is performed due to the high congestion at the Port of Tanjung Priok access road. “If Port of Patimban development finished, the logistic cost would be lower,” said Bay.

    He mentioned that the government builds the port by using the loan from Japan government. “In general, the government only build the non-commercial port, while the port business performs the commercials. But, because it is one of the strategic projects, the government speeds up its development,” he noted.

    The administrative process had nearly completed. “Bappenas now is discussing the loan agreement. In line with it, we are also talking about the regulation for the port operator. JICA (Kantor Kerja Sama Internasional Jepang) and Indonesian government observation regarding the operator had finished but, it needs to be synchronised,” Bay remarked.

    JICA intended to choose the port operator through the auction system. On one hand, the Indonesia wanted the direct appointment, that is why the synchronization is needed “The synchronization needs to be performed because of there are the local and international private parties who are interested in taking part as the operators. So, the how to synchronize arises in the discussion,” he said.

    Harbormaster Director of Directorate-General for Sea Transportation Chandra Irawan added, the special handle for the first stage Phase 1 Port of Patimban development is necessary because the land at Patimban is unstable. “To make the jetty well-founded, twice concrete mixing is important. Only several contractors, even Japanese, that able to perform this technique,” said Chandra.

    Three Stages

    Chandra said JICA allocates USD1.03 billion or equivalent toIDR13.7 trillion for the port development, while the Indonesian government spends IDR1.19 trillion for the land acquisition.

    “The development of the port would be performed on three stages. The first stage divided into two phases. The construction would begin in January 2018, and the operation starts in March 2019. Overall, in 2027 the port can fully operate,” Chandra said.

    Meanwhile, Minister of Transportation Budi Karya Sumadi after met Presiden Joko Widodo at Istana Merdeka, Jakarta, Tuesday, expressed that Port of Patimban would be opened in March 2019. At the first stage, the port, and the 8.1 lengths national road that is linking the Port and Pantura will be immediately constructed.

    Now, JICA and the government are deliberating the access road at the second stage that connecting Subang, the national road, and Cipali. The 40 kilometres length road estimated to cost of IDR5.35 trillion and expected to finish by 2020.

    Separately, Minister of Public of Works and Housing Relating Basuki Hadimuljono said the feasibility study for the railway development is under way.

    “There are three options, either we use the old railway, rehab it, or passing through Solo by constructing the new one. We still waiting for the feasibility study result within a month or so,” said Basuki. (Ags/Pas)


    Source : Kompas


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