Backflow After Eid to Continue in Merak Port until the End of This Week


    JAKARTA, NMN – PT ASDP Indonesia Ferry (Persero), Merak, has stated that the backflow after Eid holiday at Merak Port will be occurring until the end of this week. The second flow is expected to peak on Sunday.

    General Manager of PT ASDP Indonesia Ferry (Persero) Merak, Fahmi Alweni said, Friday (22/6) more than sixty percent of home-comers to be back to Java that time through the Port.

    “By looking at the data, many passengers do not return to Jakarta yet. We estimated the return flow from Sumatra to Java will reach its peak until Sunday,” commented Fahmi.

    Eid Transport Data 2018 released by PT ASDP Indonesia Ferry-Merak reported, until Day+5, 70 pedestrian passengers have returned to Java, as well as motorcyclists 63%, and four-wheeled vehicles 60%.

    Meanwhile, the remains, which are the pedestrian passengers of 43,679 (30%), motorcyclists of 31,060 (37%), and four-wheeled vehicles of 39,670 (40%) have not come back yet from Sumatra to Java.

    During Eid Transport 2018, PT ASDP Indonesia Ferry (Persero) had served about 3.6 million home-comers and 827,587 vehicles since Day-8 to Day+4 in its seven major, nationally-monitored trajectories.

    The passengers ferried by ASDP at its seven trajectories exceeded until the Day+4 up to 3,614,259 or elevated 19.6 percent compared to the preceding year of 3,020,958.

    Moreover, the number of four-wheeled vehicles are also soaring up this year. From 423,570 units last year to 453,970 (7.2%). Meanwhile, motorcycle jacked up to 373,617 or 1.8% higher than the number in 2017 of 367,153.

    This year, the trip reached 13.568 from Day-8 to Day+4, increased 9.9 percent than the previous year of 12,346.

    Furthermore, the data from Bakauheni Port stated that the passenger leaving Sumatra reached to 516,147 from 970,327 that crossed last time (since Day-8 to Day-1) or 53 percent.

    From the total of 83,845 motorcycles, 58 percent or 48,326 have crossed during the flow yesterday, while the four-wheeled vehicle and above 60,629 (54 percent) from the sum of 112,784 that transported from Merak to Bakauheni.

    At the meantime, in Ketapang, the number of passengers traversed from GIlimanuk Port to Ketapang (returned from Java to Bali) reached to 187,061 or 43 percent from the total of 436,258 during homecoming from Bali to Java.

    About 26,234 motorcycles or 30 percent of the total of 88,839 crossed from Gilimanuk, and four-wheeled vehicle and above of 22,294 or 46 percent of its total unit of 49,989.


    Writer: Ismadi Amrin
    Translator: Puji Astuti


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