Jonan Designates the New Directorate General of Oil and Gas

Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM) Ignasius Jonan has promoted and rotated several top officials in his Ministry. Ego Syahrial; formerly the head of Geology Body, designated as the new Director General of Oil and Gas, replaced I Gusti Nyoman Wiratmaja Puja who then assigned as the Head of Human Resources Development Body Ministry of EMR.

“Congratulation for those who have been promoted and rotated, especially Mr Wirat. In ten months he has created many changes,” said Jonan after the inauguration and occupational oath ceremony in the MEMR office, Jakarta, yesterday.

Jonan also commended Mr Ego performance when he served as the Head of Geology Body. He hopes such excellent performances will be implemented in Ditjen Migas.

The Minister instructed Mr Wirat to improve the quality of Academy of Energy and Mineral/Sekolah Tinggi Energi dan Mineral/ (STEM) Akamigas in Cepu. He also asked Mr Wirat to establish the human resources development centre of MEMR to be the Public Service Institution (BLU).

“All human resources development centre has to be the Public Service Institution as well. It must complete at the end of this year,” he remarked.

Besides Mr Wirat job rotation, Minister Jonan also made a replacement in several top positions of the echelon II and III. There are 41 officials placed at the new position. Some of them are Dadan Kusdiana, the new Head of Communication, Public Information Service and Cooperation Bureau of MEMR replaced Sujatmiko. Dadan used to the Secretary of Dijten EBTKE. Meanwhile, Sujatmiko designated as the Secretary of MEMR-Research and Development Body. Saleh Abdurrahman becomes the Secretary of National Energy Board, earlier he was the Expert Staff for Economy of Natural Resources in the Secretary General of MEMR.

In that occasion, Jonan asked his staffs to change their perception. The leader should empower, and support his/her staff performances instead of being spoiled by asking to be served. Other than that, Jonan asked them to work efficiently because the budget for the Ministry has been cut but, it should not be a matter that pushed the performance down (Dds)


Source : Rakyat Merdeka

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