Maersk to Establish Digital Trucking Partnership in India


    Maersk will be cooperating with BlackBuck, an Indian online marketplace for trucking, aiming to provide an online marketplace for containerized trucking in export/import logistics in India. The platform will be open to the whole industry.

    This move comes as India plans to decrease logistics costs from 14% of the GDP, to no more than 9% by 2022.

    The platform will be owned and operated by BlackBuck, with Maersk providing support in the development of solutions to meet the target. The platform will be open to the whole industry, aspiring to enhance customer experience, meet demand-supply, and provide consistency in service delivery.

    As for Maersk, it has started a digital transformation attempt. Namely, among several initiatives across the world, is the India-focused OceanPro accelerator program, which started in 2018.

    The solutions established by some of start-ups of OceanPro are already being applied in India and worldwide. The company started the second cohort of OceanPro in July 2019, with a total of five start-ups.


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