Makassar New Port Development Acceleration

    Illustration (Tanjung priok port, photographer: Andi Setiyawan/NMN)

    The development of Makassar New Port (MNP)accelerated and targeted to finish by the next year. It is one of the strategic national projects under Joko Widodo-Jusuf Kalla administration expected to connect the inter-island trade.

    Director of Facilities and Equipment of PT Pelindo IV, Farid Padang, said in Makassar on Tuesday (10/31) that MNP development is speeding up. “Until 30 October, its progress reached to 47.34 percent.

    Straight to the plan, at the latest September 2018, the project should have completed and operating by early 2019. Since the beginning, to faster completion, the first phase (IA) separated into three packages,” he said.

    The first step (IA) that valued of Rp1.8 trillion and still in construction is a part of Phase I MNP (2015-2023) in which estimated to cost the total investment of Rp12.3 trillion.

    The first phase focused on the facilities development such as road, terminal, and 1.5 million TEUs capacity-container stacking yard.

    In package B, there is reclamation for around 13 hectares of land. “We also build nearly 1,276 meter of causeway, 16 hectares-stacking yard, and dredge the port pool. Meanwhile, package C is the development of 1,310 meters breakwater,” said Farid.

    At the meantime, the Phase II requires approximately Rp12.5 trillion of the fund, would be commencing by 2024-2032. Due to the enormous investment value, the private would be invited to engage in this project.

    According to Farid, several countries such as United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Japan, and China are interested in investing in Phase II of MNP and signaled to participate in the bid offering.

    Last week, at the forum held in Hasanuddin University, Budi Karya Sumadi delivered that MNP would be the new gate and the main connector between the regions of Indonesia. By developing the seaport and airport, MNP would focus on export activities and tourism.

    The government also build many supporting infrastructures in western Indonesia. “In Makassar, we would build the port and increase its capacity two times. We would construct the seaport and airport and fuction them as main access for export and tourism sector. Other than that, it would be the place to tighten the connectivity among locally and internationally,” said Budi.

    During the time, Makassar is the connector of eastern and western regions in Indonesia. Many commodities of the Province shipped to several area in the country.

    The port is also a transit point to distribute the goods to eastern. Since last year, Port of Makassar has been providing services to export the products directly to Japan, Hongkong, and China.

    There are nine other projects instead of MNP. They are the running development implemented by Pelindo IV. These projects located in Bitung, Kendari, Sorong, Tarakan, Ambon, Ternate, Jayapura, Manokwari, and Merauke would use the State Equity Participation value of Rp2 trillion in total.

    Until the end of 2915, the fund granted for the revitalization of Port of Bitung valued of Rp365 billion, Kendari Rp635 billion, Tarakan Rp130 billion, Ambon Rp100 billion, Ternate Rp100 billion, Jayapura Rp200 billion, Sorong Rp270 billion, Merauke Rp124.50 billion, and Rp75.50 billion for Port of Manokwari revitalization. (Dds/Pas)


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