Ports Implement Digitalisation

Non-cargo terminal is now implementing digital application system. The technological-based system applied at Port of Ciwandan, Cilegon-Banten for the first time. The step is a way to avoid bribery, corruption, and illegal levy.

General Manager of PT Pelabuhan Indonesia II (Persero) Banten Annen Amir, said in Cilegon, Sunday (10/8) the system would facilitate the port user since the system is accessible, and saving time.

Therefore, Port of Ciwandan services has no longer conducted manually. Service provider and port user connection removed. “We can reduce the bad risks. The implemented system is efficient for the users,” he said.

According to Armen, the system applied to the port gate, storage, transporting, loading and unloading areas. “Transparency and speed of service make the businessmen, partners, and port users enthusiastically waiting for the system,” he noted.

Port of Ciwandan Banten; 46.5-hectare width; serves logistic shipping such as corn, salt, grain, soybean, nickel, cement, and machinery. Non-cargo system is considered increase the loading and unloading quantity in the port. In 2016, it reached eight million tonnes; targeted to spike to 8.9 million tonnes in 2017.

“We are proud to be the first port to implement the system. Port user are also cooperative and willing to use it,” he emphasised.

At present, there no need to place the staff at the portal. The freighter must notify port operator before their trucks come in. Then, the truck driver simply taps the card, and the gate will open.

“The waiting line of the trucks become well-scheduled. The driver would not come in droves, and the information sent in real time. The in and out trucks become more traceable,” he said.

According to Annen, the system integrated with the Inaportnet; the information tech-based system connected with the Ministry of Transportation. Inaportnet also being applied in Makassar, Medan, Surabaya, and Jakarta.

The operation of non-cargo terminal also using vessel management system (VMS). Port of Ciwandan is the first non-cargo terminal that implements Inaportnet and VMS in Indonesia.

The Head of Transportation Department of Banten (Dishub Banten) Revri Aroes said they warmly welcome the implementation of the system. It expected to make the activity in the port run smoother. “We support the system implementation since it is very valuable for all Port of Ciwandan customers and it speeds up the loading and unloading process,” he remarked.

The Chairman of Indonesian Trucking Association (Aptrindo) Banten, Syaiful Bahri positively responded to the system implementation. “Port services can be faster and minimise the illegal levy,” he said. (Dds/Pas)


Source : Kompas

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