PTBA Links With KAI to Transport 130.1 Million Tonnes of Coals Until 2021


    PT Bukit Asam (Persero) Tbk or PTBA has inked a Cooperation Agreement with PT Kereta Api Indonesia/KAI (Persero) on transporting 130.1 million tonnes of coal for the period of 2017-2021.

    The President Director of PTBA, Arviyan Arifin said the five-year contract is a derivative agreement of 2009-2029 long-term contract between the two. So that, it results in a commitment of the highest volume of 30 million tonnes coal per year in 2020.

    “Based on the contract, the recent transport target of KAI is 21.7 million tonnes which would increase gradually in every year. It agreed that the coal transport target until 2021 would be of 130,1 million tonnes,” he said in Jakarta, in this weekend.

    He explained the coal transported from PTBA in Tanjung Enim, South Sumatra to Port of Tarahan in Bandar Lampung and Kertapati Terminal, in Palembang.

    Throughout 2016, PT KAI reported of transporting 17.7 million tonnes of coal to PTBA. It transported to Port of Tarahan of 14.7 million tonnes of coal and around 3 million tonnes to Kertapati Terminal.

    “The increase of transport capacity of KAI against PTBA coal is in line with our production growth plan. Around 574 million tonnes dedicated to out domestic customers,” he remarked.

    He said three terminals in which 210,000 DWT vessel can mooring are supporting the Port of Tarahan.

    Other than that, the port also has a terminal that Panamax-sized vessel can tie up on it. It has a barge terminal of 10,000 DWT.

    “Four Rotary Car Dumpers (RCD) also serve the operation of Port of Tarahan; as an unloading tool. So it can unload four hoppers at once,” he said.

    Arviyan explained to ensure the reliability and efficiency of Port of Tarahan, its Steam Power Plant of 2×8 MW also been working on to it.

    The President Director of PT Kereta Api Indonesia (KAI), Edi Sukmoro added that transporting coal by using train is more efficient for the company. “In this cooperation, we are concentrating to the demands can not be postponed. It is not merely a contract,” he said.

    The transporting also aimed to avoid the bottleneck which more potential to face by using the truck.

    “For example, it needs 60 trucks to carry one hopper of coal. It might cause the heavy congestion. AIddition, according to the Law, one line is not allowed any longer, and it can be handled by building the underpass or flyover,” he emphasised. (Ags/Pas)


    Source : Rakyat Merdeka


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