Saka Energi Production Soars 566%


    PT Saka Energi Indonesia continues to show positive performance amidst the slump of oil and gas industry. Saka Energi succeeded in increasing production almost doubled from the time the company first gained participation rights in the Fasken block gas production located in the USA in 2014.

    “When Saka Energi entered the Fasken in July 2014, the field gas production was only 30 Million Standard Cubic Feet per Day (MMSCFD).Then in early 2018, the production amount is already more than 200 MMSCFD.There was an increase of 566.66 percent in the four years we were operating there, “said Director of Saka Energi Tumbur Parlindungan, yesterday.

    The increase of gas production is in line with the newest well explorations in Fasken block and Swift Energy, its partner. This year, there are twelve wells to be drilled in Fasken which expected can increase shale gas up to ten percent until the end of 2018.

    The estimation of shale gas content in Fasken field is around one trillion cubic feet gas (TFC). The gas pipeline infrastructure in this field has a capacity of 250 MMSCFD and can through the existing LNG plant in Texas.

    Saka Energi is the first Indonesian gas company obtained the USA government permission to conduct drilling exploration activities to production in its territory. The reason is, the investment made in Block Fasken is a direct investment in the gas field and not the purchase of some shares of Swift Energy.Thus, Saka Energi is directly involved in the shale gas process in the block.

    It is in line with Saka’s investment objective in this block which is mastering the manufacturing process technology in exploitation and providing the energy source for Indonesia’s future needs. “By becoming the first national company to drill until production in the United States, we are just sticking the flag of Indonesia in the upstream oil and gas industry of America,” said Tumbur.

    Overall, Saka Energi has ten participating rights in the oil and gas block in the country and one abroad. Eight of the eleven blocks are already in production, namely Muara Bakau Block, Bangkanai, Pangkah, Ketapang, South East Sumatra, Muria, Sanga-Sanga and Fasken Blocks located in the United States.

    While the other three blocks have not produced oil or gas because it is still in the exploration stage of the South Sesulu Block, West Bangkanai, and Wokam II.The Company has also just won the Pekawai Block and West Yamdena Block. (Dds/Pas)


    Source : Rakyat Merdeka


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