Cha-Ro Vessel Optimises Logistic Cost


    PT ASDP Indonesia Ferry has planned to examine the container transporting by operating Chassis Roll On-Roll Off (Cha-Ro). Such vessel considered to reduce the logistic cost up to 20 percent.

    “We find the efficiency on driver cost, depreciation, and maintain. Other than that, truck productivity would increase as its capability to transport other goods. Cha-Ro would depreciate logistic cost up to 20 percent than Ro-Ro vessel,” said Hafidah Fahmiasari, Senior Consultant Supply Chain Indonesia (SCI), Sunday (7/23).
    She expected Cha-ro would lowering the overloaded problems so that, the road damage in Pantura would decrease.

    “If Cha-ro or Ro-Ro vessel can switch the regular use of the truck in Jakarta-Surabaya from Pantura route of 5% or 54,000 from 1,08 million trucks per year, the maintain cost would lower to IDR50 billion per year,” she continued.

    Then, she added, the transporting trial by chassis roll on-roll off (cha-Ro) would save around IDR50 billion of road maintenance cost because vessel would not carry the trucks in it.

    Hafidah said the trial would be held next month for Merak-Surabaya route. For further, it needs to consider the implementation of the lift-on-lift-off method (Lo-Lo).

    Lo-Lo method enables larger capacity to transport. The development and utilisation of this method should initiate with the commodity supply chain arrangement. The method is more efficient for the larger transporting in which the load consolidation system is necessary.

    “Lo-Lo method needs the adequate facilities, especially loading-unloading facility, as well as the intra-port information system development,” she ended.


    Source : Ismadi Amrin


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