Four Indonesian Fishers Repatriated by Australian Government


    JAKARTA, NMN – The Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries (MMAF/KKP) and Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA/Kemenlu) have supported four Indonesian fishers who allegedly conducted illegal fishing and repatriated by the Australian government.

    “The four repatriated fishers arrived at Ngurah Rai Airport on Saturday (15/6),” said the Caretaker of Director-General of Marine and Fisheries Resources Surveillance (PSDKP), Agus Suherman.

    The fishers identified as S (17), RAG (17), SR (13), and Eta (17), and were all under-age.

    “The fishers accompanied by the representatives of Indonesia Consulate General (KRI) in Darwin. Once arrived at Bali, they were officially handed over to the PSDKP of Benoa to further repatriated to their hometown in Wakatobi, Southeast Sulawesi,” added Agus.

    The fishers were the crews of Indonesian-flagged, 9-GT KM Barcelona that was arrested by the Australian government for illegally fishing on the country water territory on Friday (24/5).

    “KM Barcelona crewed by seven Wakatobi fishers when it was arrested,” said Agus.

    The Australian maritime officers then brought the ship and its crews to Darwin for investigation purpose. Four under-age fishers were repatriated while three of them undergo the further judicial process.

    During the judicial process, KRI representatives accompanied the crews and intensively coordinated with Dir-Gen of PSDKP for the repatriation.

    “This is real Indonesian government assistance for the fishers caught by the foreign maritime authority over violating the fishing boundary,” said Agus.

    During the year 2019, the MMAF and MFA successfully brought home 94 Indonesian fishers captured in foreign water territories and repatriated by the governments of Malaysia (11), Timor Leste (18), Myanmar (36), Thailand (11), and Australia (18).


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