Pelindo IV Entices the Sailing Companies


    Currently, PT Pelabuhan Indonesia IV (Persero) is attracting the ocean going companies to participate in the direct call activity from Maloy, Balikpapan, East Kalimantan and Jayapura, Papua in 2017.

    The Financial Director of Pelindo IV Budi Revianto said that Pelindo IV studied three direct call opening. Later on, its result will be a warranty for the sailing company to open the direct call in those three areas.

    “Nevertheless, it was not easy to invite the Ocean Going companies. Moreover, they had been specified its route since a year ago,” said Budi in the Ministry of SOE, in Jakarta.

    He continued, for the direct call in Maloy, Pelindo IV will encourage the crude palm oil/CPO as the export commodity. Pelindo IV will cooperate with the provincial government to increase CPO loads, and the product itself will be supplied from the Special Economy Zone of Maloy (SEZ Maloy).

    Besides Jayapura, Pelindo IV will also initiate the direct call in Sorong. However, it will take time for the Company to develop the port facilities in Sorong before deciding the research and implementing the program.

    Up to this end of the year, Pelindo IV has only realized two direct calls which are Makassar and Bitung each cooperates with SITC and Maersk Line.

    For the direct call in Bitung, this program will be conducted in December 2016, and the inauguration will be attended by the President of the Republic of Indonesia.

    “It will start in December. Due to the undeveloped market, Maersk Line has come out. Now Maersk return with the smaller vessels that hope will routinely there,” he explained.

    Budi said that the direct call from Makassar along with the SITC company that has run for a year gave a low contribution. But the program is innovative and sustainable.

    Currently, the direct call program successfully increases the South Sulawesi export value up to IDR7 trillion from the previous of 1.7 trillion. As the result, the province has recorded 8 percent of its economy growth.

    Even though the export occupancy only 20 percent, he said that the load has grown up to 900 percent from 10-20 containers in the first sailing to 200-300 containers this month.

    “That is why we implement the agent of development duty as the Minister said,” he ended. (Ast)


    Source: Rakyat Merdeka


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