Port of Jakarta Constructed by the End of This Month

Tanjung priok port (Photographer: Andi Setyawan/NMN)

PT Pelabuhan Indonesia (Pelindo) II and Jakarta Provincial Government (Pemprov) will initiate the development of an integrated port on reclaimed islands named Port of Jakarta by the end of this month.

Pelindo II CEO, Richard Joost Lino, said it was initiated by planning the signing of MoU about Marunda Nusantara Berikat Nusantara (KBN) restructuring between Pelindo II and PT Jakarta Propertindo (Jakpro).

According to him, 500-hectare Marunda KBN restructuring will change share composition of the area into 76% by Pelindo II obtained from Financial Ministry and 24% by Jakpro obtained from Jakarta Pemprov.

“Numerous ex-factory locations in KBN left by investors will be functioned as logistic centers,” he said in the sidelines of 6th Singapore Infrastructure Financial Summit in Singapore on Tuesday (10/20).

Lino explained KBN restructuring is the initial phase to realize Port of Jakarta comprising Tanjung priok Port, New Tanjung Priok (Kalibaru) Port, and several reclaimed islands namely O,P, Q, M, and N in Gulf of Jakarta.

He planned to build a logistic hub in Jakarta to compete with Singapore. Currently, Singapore has obtained revenue from spare part storage for industrial equipment worth USD 4 billion a year.

The market opportunity will be obtained through Port of Jakarta concept.

“Moreover, the vessel capacity in Jakarta will be very big. This concept is suitable for 60 to 100 years later,” he added.

Port of Jakarta concept, he asserted, would realize the alliance plan between Pelindo II, Jakpro, and Port of Rotterdam, Netherland. The Dutch investor has networks and experience in port management and logistic hub.

So far, Port of Jakarta’s business model to be conducted by the three entities is still under discussion. However, Lino said Pelindo II might be the majority shareholder of 51% and Jakpro would have 49%. Another model enables both entities to have shares below 50% each and Port of Rotterdam will have the rest 5%.

“If everything runs well, I think we can start the project next year. Currently, the team from Rotterdam has come and conducted analysis,” he added.

Lino explained Port of Jakarta concept has been discussed with Jakarta Governor, Basuki Tjahja Purnama, when he visited Netherland last month.

Jakarta Provincial Government (Pemprov) has planned to establish a joint venture to realize the construction of port and logistic areas on reclaimed islands named Port of Jakarta.

Making an Alliance

Meanwhile, Jakarta Development Planning Agency (Bappeda), Tuty Kusumawati, said state-owned enterprises (BUMN) and Jakarta-owned enterprises would be asked to join the project.

Jakarta-owned enterprises to be involved are Jakpro, PT KBN, PT Pembangunan Jaya, and PT Pembangunan Jaya Ancol Tbk (PJAA).

“We plan to build new port and logistic areas on four reclaimed islands namely N, O, P, and Q. If the project is realized, Port of Jakarta will be the most advanced and integrated area in Asia,” she said.

Currently, the management of four islands is owned by different BUMNs and BUMDs. Pelindo II has management rights for island N and PT Jakpro is for island O.

On the other hand, P and Q island management rights is owned by PT Kawasan Ekonomi Khusus (PT KEK) with 25% share is owned by PT Jakpro, 25% is owned by PJAA, and the rest 50% is owned by PT Pembangunan Jaya.

According to her, Port of Jakarta development cannot be conducted if each company moves on their own.

Moreover, building an international port on reclaimed islands needs great investment.

“The joint venture concept is conducted by Netherlands when it built Port of Rotterdam with 30% share owned by its central government and the rest 70% owned by Rotterdam people. We think this scheme can be implemented for Port of Jakarta,” she explained.

Currently, Tuty said her office was creating a business concept related with Port of Jakarta development. According to the plan, Jakarta Bappeda as well as related BUMNs and BUMDs will meet reclamation and port infrastructure experts from Netherlands to discuss the matter.

“It aims to discuss the joint venture and business plan. We are preparing many things before conducting feasibility study,” she added. (Ags/Mhf)


Source: Bisnis Indonesia

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