KKP Seizes Malaysian-flagged Ships


    JAKARTA, NMN – Three days ago Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries (KKP/MMAF) seized a Vietnamese-flagged ship that was illegally fishing at the Exclusive Economic Zone off the north Natuna waters. Again, on Monday (11/3), KKP arrested two Malaysian-flagged fishing ships operating at State Fisheries Management Region of the Republic of Indonesia (WPP-NRI) 571, Malacca Strait, at 10.15 local time.

    The caretaker of Director-General of Marine and Fisheries Resources Surveillance (PSDKP), Agus Suherman said two fishing boat (KM. PKFB 1109 and KM. PPF 634 respectively have four and five crews, all from Myanmar, and measuring 49.07 GT.

    “The ships were arrested for carrying out fishing activity in the State Fisheries Management Region of the Republic of Indonesia (WPP-NRI) with no legal licensing documents from the Republic of Indonesia and using prohibited trawls,” added Agus Suherman.

    Malaysian-flagged ships (Doc: KKP)

    The vessel had violated Law Number 31 of 2004 concerning Fisheries as amended by Law Number 45 of 2009. It shall be punished for imprisonment for a term of 6 (six) years and a maximum fine of Rp20 billion.

    The ships then escorted to Belawan PSDKP Station for legal proceedings by Fisheries Civil Servant Investigators (PPNS).

    Since January 2019, KKP seized eleven foreign ships (six from Malaysia and five Vietnamese) and four domestic boats that fishing illegally at the prohibited zone were arrested.


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