SEMARANG, NMN – KM. Dobonsolo, one of the ships operated by PT Pelni and dedicated to serving its free homecoming program has departed Port of Tanjung Emas-Semarang. The ship headed to Port of Tanjung Priok-Jakarta, carrying 1,775 passengers and 762 motorcycles.

    “KM. Dobonsolo departed Port of Tanjung Emas today is transporting the last load of motorcycles and estimated to arrive at Port of Tanjung Priok by tomorrow (13/6). Thus, the Free Homecoming Program by Ship 2019 ends today,” said the Vice Governor of Central Java Province, H. Taj Yasin Maimoen, who accompanied by the Head of Harbormaster and Port Authority (KSOP) Class I Tanjung Emas, Ahmad Wahid and other stakeholders.

    This year, the free homecoming program successfully attracted home-goers, seen through a high number of participants joined in it.

    In total, KM Dobonsolo carried 5,625 passengers and 2,470 motorcycles from Jakarta to Semarang on May 30, and June 1 and 3, 2019. For the return trip, the ship transported 5,384 persons and 2,328 vehicles on June 8, 10, and 12, 2019.

    In other words, the 2019 free homecoming program initiated by PT Pelni successfully transported the total number of 11,009 home-goers and 4,798 motorcycles.

    Director of Sea Transport Capt. Wisnu Handoko explained the free homecoming for motorcycle by waterways this year has triumphantly executed with many who are enthusiastic about it.

    The Ministry, Capt. Wisnu Handoko added, to prepare and polish up the same program next year, increasing its improvement with security and safety at the first place.

    “We will make the free homecoming program by ship better next year, and to expand its route not only to Java and Sumatra regions but also to the Eastern Indonesia (KTI),” continued Wisnu.

    Capt. Wisnu added, the preparation of the next year program to be discussed earlier so the execution will run much better than this year.


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